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Cuckoo is an international company with a passion for quality trading in onions. Quality has always been of utmost importance in our long history of cultivating and processing onions and is, to this day, the foundation of everything we do. We supply yellow and red onions to packers and industrial processing companies all year round in, in particular, srilanka,dubai,singapore and malaysia. We also specialise in organic onions.

We are a committed to working intensively with our partners to ensure that just the right onions under optimum conditions are produced precisely to our clients’ requirements. We also make sure, of course, that we can always easily provide our customers with product information.

Yellow onions : 35-50, 40-60, 45-65, 50-70, 60-70, 60-80, 70-90, 90-105 mm

Red onions : 40-60, 50-70, 60-80, 70-90 mm

Shallots : 20-30, 30-45, 45+ mm

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