The brand Cuckoo was initiated by the founder of Ezhutheni Trust, Mr. Illangkumaran who resides in Singapore. A Tamil teacher by profession, his vision for the underprivileged people led to the founding of Ezhutheni Trust in 1998. Ezhutheni Trust is an NGO with the aim of achieving social upliftment through education. His desire to offer everyone equal opportunities to education led him to sponsor the educational expenses of more than 100 students and through Ezhutheni Trust, he has engaged in many other social welfare activities.

Cuckoo Import and Export is a by-product of one of the many missions of Ezhutheni trust. Established as a commercial entity, it seeks to improve the welfare of small-scale rural agricultural production sectors by serving as a direct bridge in the supply chain between the producers and global consumers, thereby offering quality produce at competitive rates at the global market. This service prevents any mediators’ intervention and commission associated with it, thus providing for a mutual win situation for both producers and consumers. Consultancy services are also offered by Cuckoo Import and Export to farmers to enlighten them on the supply chain in general such as marketing of goods.

Furthermore, with the support of the Department of Fisheries, Tamilnadu, and a dedicated team from the fishing community across the entire coast of South India, Cuckoo Import and Export offers both live and frozen seafood in its highest quality at affordable rates to consumers.

Cuckoo Import and Export is efficiently run by Mrs. Darshini Suryakala and team from Ooty who connect the farmers across the world. Mr. Kamaraj is the managing director and his team connects the traders and consumers locally and internationally. Cuckoo has its multiple branches efficiently handled by:

  • Colombo, Sri Lanka by Mr Herbert
  • Durban, South Africa by Mr Krishnan Nair
  • France, Lille by Mr Jagan
  • London, UK by Mr Ganesan Kamaraj

Cuckoo Webpage corrections/clarifications:

Head Office

256, Woodcock road, St Marys hill,
Ooty – 643 001.

Branch Offices

Sri Lanka

Cuckoo Imports & Exports, General Merchant & Indenting Agent Is it Cuckoo Imports & Exports or Cuckoo Import & Export.